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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Thomas F. Torrance: the passing of a theological giant


Thomas Forsyth Torrance

born 30 August 1913 (Chengdu, China)

died 2 December 2007 (Edinburgh, Scotland)


Professor Emeritus

Professor of Christian Dogmatics (1952-1979)

University of Edinburgh

one of the most important and influential theologians

in the 20th century

【source: internal email to the New College community from

Prof. Larry Hurtado, Head of Divinity School, Edinburgh University】







Larry Hurtado教授透過內部電郵向全體員生宣佈。】


WTM said...

Wow! Is there an official announcement anywhere?

Yam 飲者 said...

Wow! You are quick!
The news was made known to us a few hours ago by the current Head of our Divinity School, Prof Larry Hurtado, through an internal email to the staff and student body. This blog MIGHT be the first place to make it public. You might want to check with your seminary's president to confirm that. I believe our school website would make an official announcement after the weekend.

WTM said...

Yeah, I try to stay on top of things. Thanks for the info. TF's work has meant a lot to me.

Yam 飲者 said...

Thanks for watching.
The second (middle) link in your blogpost in fact quotes another source, who is a faculty member here in Edinburgh.
In the mean time, I'll try to see if I can get my colleague T to write something here -- he's finishing his PhD on Torrance.

Rev. Robert Leach said...

Here is the announcement the President of the Torrance theological fellowship, Dr. Gary Deddo, circulated amongst our memembership:

Dear TF Torrance Theological Fellowship Members,

It is with sadness and a grateful heart that I am passing on the news that Thomas F. Torrance has died. His brother, David Torrance, sent out the notice below.

"Dear friends

My brother Tom, although well and cheerful yesterday, passed on to be with
the Lord very suddenly this Sunday morning at 3.30am. As a much loved
brother and intimate friend with whom I have shared so much over the
years, he is and will be a great miss. For his sake however we rejoice that
weakness and suffering is now over and he is risen and rejoicing with the
Lord, whom he endeavoured to serve throughout his life.

There is something appropriate that he passed over to be with the Lord on
the day of resurrection, being the first Sunday in Advent.

Thank you for your prayers for him and the family.


David [Torrance]"

I'm sure you'll keep the extended Torrance family in your prayers at this time.

Yours in Him,


Rev. Robert Leach
Ogden Dunes Community Church (PCUSA)
Managing editor