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Monday, 29 September 2003

日落波士頓 . 日出希斯魯 . 頻撲愛丁堡 -- Day One in Edinburgh

The simple fact that I am in Edinburgh as a doctoral student is amazing enough.
And this first day here is … should I say amazing? Memories of the past, dreams for the future, and overcoming challenges on hand ... all added up together.

I had never slept so well on a plane. This time I amazingly woke up only once in the middle of the flight, and got back to sleep easily, only to be waken up for breakfast couple of hours later.
The red rising sun getting up from the horizon at Heathrow Airport reminds me of the Boston sunset 17 years ago, when I was heading west on Massachusetts Turnpike after landing. Before that day, I had never been in a car, on a highway, facing the setting sun. What a view! This memory reminds me of the excitement of that day, when I was exclaiming to myself “the dream comes true”. But this morning, I did not have that kind of excitement. Not on that level, at least. Perhaps age has made me more reserved --- even to myself.
Like Boston, Edinburgh is an old historic city with all kinds of cultural attractions to visitors, only that Edinburgh is much older in many senses.
When I was there, Gordon-Conwell was 100 years old. Harvard was 300 (or 350?). The University of Edinburgh? Exactly 420 this year. Well?

It was also a half day of action after I arrived...11:45am checked in to room at Richmond Place, connected phone service...2:30pm got matriculation (registration) packet from Divinity School...3:00pm bought sandwich & coffee @2.25 @ Rainy Hall...3:50pm opened account at the Bank of Scotland, deposited 4000...4:50 matriculation (registration) done, university card on hand, tuition payment by term settled...6:30pm residence agreement signed...7:00pm bought falafel & water @3.50. Still don’t know how to register for net access from room.

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