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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Steve Holmes on Bruce McCormack's Torrance Lectures

聖安德烈大學神學講師Steve Holmes大約一周前開了網誌。【消息來源:andygoodliff】。


連結托倫斯講座 (TF Torrance Lecture 2007) — 有關講座的中文握要,如轉引請銘謝Ben Wu

(a brief summary of the lectures in Chinese, please acknowledge Ben Wu if you are quoting)


St. Andrew's theology lecturer Steven Holmes has started a blog called Shored Fragments about a week ago. 【HT: Andy Goodliff】 

Over the last two days, he has been blogging on the recent TF Torrance Lectures (Scottish Journal of Theology Lectures) held at St. Andrews and delivered by Bruce McCormack (Princeton Seminary, formerly Edinburgh University).

The first two posts are HERE and HERE.

Watch for yourselves. More to come.

By the way, the SJT Lectures are just named as TFT Lectures this year, and were delivered in the week right between TFT's departure and funeral service. What a coincidence and what an appropriate way to commemorate the theological giant. 

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