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Saturday, 4 August 2007

There is no such thing as theology ...

There is no such thing as "theology"; there is only contextual theology ... (original italics)

This is the first sentence in Stephen Bevan, Models of Contextual Theology (revised edition, 2002).

Then, building on Henri Bouillard's notion that a theology which is not actuelle (up-to-date) is a false theology, Bevan goes on to say that:

a theology that is not somehow reflective of our times, our culture, and our current concerns — and so not contextual — is also a false theology. (5)

This corresponds to my stance that all theologies or religious teachings or faith expressions, including the Holy Scriptures, are essentially and necessarily contextual.  As I have said here a year ago:

所有宗教信念的表述也必然是受文化侷限的 (all representations of religion are inevitably culture-bound),因此任何宗教教導都必須而且必然是針對處境的,我們也只能這樣理解那些教導 (all religious teachings are thus necessarily contextual, and should duly be understood as such)。聖經亦然。

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