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Friday, 1 June 2007

Disbeief in the Twisted Mirror: more on cooking theology

Quote (from: HERE):

Mind you, he is not talking about me.

What a classical demonstration of attacking the straw man, of shooting without a real target (無的放矢), of prejudging without truly knowing (don't even imagine 'understanding') the object of criticism, of gender bias and stereotyping. But I'll set aside all these, as there is a more fundamental issue at stake here.

According to this 'paradigm' (if there is any), there is no relationship between theology or the talk of God and everyday life. Hence theology and daily life are two totally unrelated (and unrelatable) realms. If that is the case, then, what has God to do with us?

To the best of my limited knowledge, that is not the God portrayed in the Hebrew and Christian Bible.

Anyway, those who are familiar enough with the Chinese-language theological scene (or at least that in Hong Kong) might probably be able to guess who he is talking about. This reminds me of the fact that that noted theologian from Hong Kong has written a book entitled 《廚房哲學》 (Kitchen Philosophy),and then two or three elaborations on that.

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