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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

locavore? localtarian?

locavore (also: localvore)

【Oxford University Press (USA): word of the year 2007

  • meaning: humans who only eat food grown or produced locally
  • as in: omnivore (living organisms that eat anything); carnivore (living organisms that eat meat as main diet)
  • origin: a movement which advocates that residents in a certain region should choose to eat local food produced within the proximity (within 100 miles radius, according to those who allegedly coined the word) - for reasons mainly ecological but personal health and economic justice issues are also involved.
  • alternatively: proxivore
  • why not: localarian? localtarian? proxitarian? (as in: vegetarian)

After all, aren't all animals (or all living things, for that matter) 'locavores'? 

Only human beings today would have beef from New Zealand, Tiger Prawn from Thailand, Lobster from North Atlantic, Salmon from Scandinavia, Rice from Australia, exotic fruits from South America ... all in one meal, on a table somewhere in China. 

While by and large I am supportive of the movement, 'locavore' is in fact a poorly coined word. (The 9th chapter of my proposed 'cooking theology' is 'eat locally, think globally'.)

Personally I think __-arian (such as localtarian) is a better word that is more compatible with the concept, because it denotes a conscious choice, whereas the 'vore' in locavore or proxivore often points toward an instinctive nature. 

Note the difference between a vegetarian and a herbivore. 

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