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Friday, 23 November 2007

面臨遞解,快將處決 :: he could be executed very soon

Yoo Sang-Joon has recently been arrested in China.  He is a native of North Korea and presently a South Korean citizen who has helped many desperate fellow North Koreans to fled the famine-stricken country over the last few years.  He is scheduled to appear in a court in Inner Mongolia, China, on 26 November (next Monday) at 9am.  It is very likely that he will be handed to North Korea, where he will likely be executed.  My prayer (and I believe it is also yours) is that he would be deported to South Korea instead of the North.  If you prefer, you may send an appeal to the Chinese Embassy at where you are, and/or the Chinese Minister of Justice, Ms. Wu Aiying, and/or Prime Minister Mr. Wen Jiabao. (contact info & suggested letter content HERE - roll to the bottom of the page) [HT: Ming Yee]  

Also: Report on Times Online (UK); Urgent Appeal from China Aid 


現在從事人權工作的多年同袍傳來的信息,讓我不能釋懷 ...

Yoo Sang-Joon,南韓公民,原籍北韓。







如果你相信或者渴望上主在這等事情的直接介入,請為Yoo Sang-Joon和其他已經逃到、正在逃到、將要逃到中國的北韓人的命運禱告。


『主啊,我們甚麼時候見你餓了,給你吃,渴了,給你喝?甚麼時候見你作客 旅,留你住,或是你赤身露體,給你穿?又甚麼時候見你病了,或是在監裡,來看你呢?』 (馬太福音25:37-39)

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