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Sunday, 11 November 2007

from the Blackwell Theology and Religion Newsletter

This issue of Blackwell Theology and Religion Newsletter (Issue 2, November 2007) came through email just before the weekend.  See it HERE

The goodies:

They offer free access to 16 most read journal articles from the past 12 months. You can read HTML online or download the PDF. (Good until 30 November.)

Some of the articles which would interest theology people of different tastes include:

Dreyton Benner (2007) 'Augustine and Karl Rahner on the Relationship between the Immanent Trinity and the Economic Trinity', IJST 9 (1) 24–38. [HTML]

Kelton Cobb (2006) 'The Mohammad Cartoons', Conversations in Religion & Theology 4 (1) 1–8. [PDF]

John Milbank (2006) 'Scholasticism, Modernism, and Modernity',  Modern Theology 22 (4) 651–671. [HTML]

Jeffrey Stout (2007) 'The Spirit of Democracy and the Rhetoric of Excess', JRE 35 (1) 3-21. [HTML]

Check it out. Or better still, subscribe to the Newsletter yourself - and subscribe to their journal alert and new books alert. 

Oh, by the way, articles on Blackwell are all Zotero compatible.

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