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Thursday, 24 May 2007

cooking theology

Outlining a Christian Theology of/on/for/about/through Cooking in Everyday Life:
a preliminary draft

Main Chapters / Sections:

  1. to cook or not to cook, that is the question - the enigma of cooking at home today

  2. the joy of cooking - home is where your mouth is

  3. the aesthetics of cooking – cooking makes the world beautiful and is beautiful in itself

  4. the spirituality of cooking - you are what you eat, and you eat what you cook

  5. ecological stewardship in the kitchen - cooking and the Creation

  6. love your neighbour in the kitchen - socially responsible cooking

  7. excursions: (this section only appears in the expanded edition)

    a. cooking in the monotheistic traditions: the Jewish kosher and the Muslim halal

    b. WWJC: what would Jesus cook? (yes, he did cook, mind you)

    c. cooking in the Christian church tradition

  8. the carnivore, the vegetarian, the vegan, and the freegan

  9. eat locally, think globally – cooking as a prophetic gesture in the postmodern world

  10. epilogue: when the kitchen is too hot ... but the world is even hotter


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Benjamin Wu said...

I'd like to buy a book like that. But can you start with 'Love your Neighbour in the Kitchen'? I might need one in OUR kitchen! Desperately!