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Sunday, 23 September 2007

下一站, 聖保羅 :: next stop, Sao Paolo

The next 'International Conference on Media, Religion, and Culture' will be held at the Methodist University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, in 11-14 August 2008.  The CALL FOR PAPER has recently been posted. I've been to the last two conferences in the series, and it proved to be the academic conferences in which I feel most at home so far.  Want to take part.  But I have totally no clue where and what I will be next summer ...


          下屆 『媒體-宗教-文化』國際學術會議,2008年8月11日至14日,在巴西聖保羅循道衛理大學 (Universidade Metodista de Sao Paolo) 舉行,最近剛剛正式發佈公開邀請提交論文建議。


          我參加過最近兩次,是我到目前為止最feel at home的學術會議;加上我從未踏足過南半球,對拉丁美洲也有點革命浪漫的遐想,所以 ... 有點兒期待。

          只是 ... 明年夏天,噢,好像很遙遠,去向未知,身份不明,經濟更難講 ... 可能沒錢去囉 ... 是很可能。 



Benjamin Wu said...

1. The opportunity to be in the southern hemisphere is huge.

2. This conference is definitely one that you don't want to miss.

3. I have a Brazilian friend in Sao Paolo who speaks perfect English while Portuguese is her mother tongue. She could serve as a local guide.

4. THEREFORE, you should be there.

Yam 飲者 said...

Thank you, Benjamin.
I won't plan ahead to 'not go', but still it's too early to decide.