In the business of theology it is hard not to be controversial - Jurgen Moltmann

Friday, 15 December 2006


【photos taken on Princes Street and the Garden, around 8pm, 7 December 2006】

When do we have a full moon?
I implore, with my glass in hand,
Wondering what year it would be, this very night, in the heavenly palace.
I desire to steer home on the wind,
But am afraid, so afraid
Of the unbearable chill up on top of those mansions of honour.
Dancing with my shadow,
T'is unlike anything mundane.
Turning around the noble penthouse,
Sinking onto the exquisite window,
And Shines on the sleepless.
No bitterness I should have, but, but
Why is it always full moon at other times?
Sorrow, joy, separation, union are for humans,
As are cloudiness, clarity, fullness, eclipse for the moon.
Such are the inevitables from antiquities.
I shall look forward to eternity,
When together we can go thousands of miles.

蘇軾(1036-1101) 《水調歌頭》 (my attempted paraphrase)

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