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Monday, 1 September 2008

開學了 :: for whom the school bell tolls

The teaching term in Hong Kong is starting this week. 

This year, the Divinity School of Chung Chi College at the Chinese University of Hong Kong is offering two special courses, which are very unique (if not absolutely unprecedented) in East and Southeast Asia.  Seems interesting.  Just not sure if the guy who teaches them is capable. 




RST 5224: Special Topic on Christianity and Society I:

Media, Popular Culture, and Christianity (媒體、普及文化與基督教)

(Semester 1, 2008-2009)

This course is a critical exploration of the intricate relationships between popular media culture and Christianity. While popular culture and the media have become the daily reality in many parts of the world over the decades, they have seldom been taken seriously in the theological arena, whereas the relationship between popular media and Christianity is often overlooked in academic studies until relatively recent time. We shall re-examine various manifestations of popular culture from Christian theological perspectives, and also probes into the subtle interrelatedness between media culture and Christianity as a an organised religion. This course engages with the wider academic context of the vigorously developing interdisciplinary study of media, religion, and culture (MRC), and attempts to focus particularly on the Chinese language popular media and Chinese Christianity in Hong Kong.


RST 5225: Special Topic on Christianity and Society II:

Cinema and Theology (電影與神學)

(Semester 2, 2008-2009)

This course considers the various religious and theological dimensions of contemporary cinema, and examines a range of approaches to such endeavours. Since the inception of motion picture in 1895, cinema and institutional religions (including Christianity) have always been interested in each other – numerous films have used religious themes and motifs as subject matters, while religious communities have been eager to harness the cinema by critiquing, censoring, or making use of films in their ministries. The study of film from serious academic theological perspectives, however, was scarce until the mid 1990s. In this course, we explore a number of approaches in which the theological study of film can take place. These include, for example, the study of explicit representation of religious materials, the 'uncovering' of implicit religious motifs, the use of film as resource for theological reflection and construction. Films to be viewed and discussed cover a broad range from foreign classics, Hollywood hits, to contemporary East Asian and Chinese language films.


The Instructor:

is an Honorary Research Associate at the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, who specialises in the interdisciplinary study of cinematic media and theology. His academic study is supported by ample experience in the creative-production and management across different media. He did his PhD in popular cinema and contextual theology at the University of Edinburgh, after pursuing theological study in Boston and communication study in Hong Kong.


connect2truth said...

Yeah! 師兄加油!

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Benjamin Wu said...

好 口野 !

sf said...

飲者, 是 RST5254 跟 RST5255 嗎?

基督教與社會:專題研究 I
Wed 7:00pm - 9:20pm CCT G01

基督教與社會:專題研究 II
Tue 7:00pm - 9:20pm CCT G01

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Edwin Tay said...

dear elder, can't help noticing that you've developed a knack for piling up adjectives:

"vigorously developing interdisciplinary study"

"serious academic theological perspectives"

This practice is Pauline by the way. I'm thinking of Eph 1.

Must be your excitement at the thought of teaching these unprecedented courses.

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Deacon Edwin: you are flattering ... again. I only know that this is one of the things that is possible and do-able in English (and Greek?) and not in Chinese.

sf said...

飲者, 請問可否幫手問問教的那個人, 上課地點時間?

Carla said...

俾唔俾sit 堂呀?

Yam 飲者 said...

sf: 教的那個人說對不起,是他自己搞錯了,你是對的。

carla: 無料到,別浪費時間,連自己course code都搞錯,有乜期望?

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Yam 飲者 said...

堅叔:你好野,在教的那個人那裡放條針 ... 不過那個人說謝謝你賞面。

Anonymous said...

北海的大夥都沾光了 ... :)

Yam 飲者 said...

夢教父,言重了。等待著你們石破天驚的研究成果啊!努力!If Yam can do it, so can you!