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Friday, 5 September 2008


Characteristics of good university teachers in relation to students:

(from Ken Bain, via Scot McKnight)

  1. They do not display power but investment in the learning of the students. Good teachers want their students to learn and not just to do well on an exam.
  2. The best teachers trust their students and their instinct, when things don’t go well, is to seek for a cause in their teaching instead of in the laziness of students.
  3. The best teachers related to students openly — they create an environment of openness. They bring themselves to the classroom and to the students.
  4. The best teachers create an interactive atmosphere.
  5. The best teachers connect themselves and their students to the awe of discovery and of the grandeur of life and are humble because they know they are not gods. They create a bond with their students in a mutual journey of learning. The opposite model is an ego game. Thus, they are fellow students.
  6. They exhibit an awareness that they and their students can do great things, make discoveries together and can accomplish something.

Am I, or will I be, or can I be one of them?

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