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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

依然愛煮 :: still cooking

aubergines w. red onion fried rice3 2008.6.24

鹽煎茄子配紅洋蔥炒飯 (lightly panfried aubergine with red onion fried rice):

成本:肯定少於40p (包括飯,燃料另計)


  • LIDL超特價茄子,每個29p,前一夜吃剩半個,切長條;
  • 放進熱油中,灑鹽,灑紅辣椒粉,每面以中火輕煎,備用。
  • LIDL難以置信減價紅洋蔥,每袋20p,吃了三星期還剩兩個,切一個,中火輕爆;
  • 待紅洋蔥半熟狀態,加入隔夜飯適量,保持中火,溫柔地炒;
  • 灑少量鹽、少量黑椒粉、少量dried basil leaf,熄火,再溫柔地炒數下。
  • 飯上碟,茄子鋪面。成了。睇到香噴噴。




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tien said...

tee hee, you're more than welcome, dr. yam=) grandma brought them from hong kong and we knew some kind of magic touch will be added to them in that fascinating kitchen of yours! to jon, however, we weren't sure if he's aware of how to use them... tee hee, so we mentioned to him that grandma said you can just pop them in your mouth like 'swim fish c'=)

and belated congratulations on your viva!! we're excited to see how the next chapter unfolds=)