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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Things to do ...

Ways (or rather: prerequisites) to increase the possibility of making the first item on my new year wish list come true:

Write my thesis ... faster (read: much faster than I have ever written anything in my life so far).
Write about my thesis.
Think of my thesis ... and only my thesis.
Think in terms of my thesis.
Read for my thesis ... and only for my thesis.
Walk with my thesis.
Bus with my thesis.
Shop with my thesis.
Chat with my thesis.
MSN with my thesis.
Skype with my thesis.
Email my thesis.
Install my thesis.
Lead tutorial discussions with my thesis in mind.
Hear my thesis being read in lectures and seminars.
Cook my thesis.
Eat my thesis.
Digest my thesis.
Drink with my thesis.
Get drunk with my thesis.
Pee with my thesis.
Shit with my thesis.
See my thesis on screen when watching film or TV.
Hear the music of my thesis played in the radio.
Read my thesis printed on newspaper.
Cheer for my thesis in the matches.
Listen to my thesis being preached in church.
Sing my thesis in hymns.
Meditate my thesis.
Pray to my thesis.
Give thanks to my thesis.
Eat and drink my thesis in the Holy Communion.
Sleep with my thesis.
Dream of my thesis.
Hold hands with my thesis.
Flirt with my thesis.
Kiss my thesis.
Make love with my thesis.


Carla said...

原來你老遠去到愛丁堡, 離開父母, 就係與thesis成為一體 .....

Yam 飲者 said...

「除我以外,不可有別的thesis。」-- 出丁堡記20章3節
「你要盡心盡性盡意盡力,寫你的thesis;其次也相倣,就是愛[論]文如己 (有古卷無「論」字)。這兩條誡命,是神學和一切博士研究的總綱。」-- 愛丁福音22章37-40節

Carmen said...


Ben said...

HAHAHA... this is FUNNY... but maybe not for you, Yam...

From now on, you will blog about, with, alongside, within, in terms of, in reference to, in view of, as well as in regard to nothing other than you THESIS. Amen.

Ben said...

'your' <--- mistyped...

Yam 飲者 said...

The thesis, the whole thesis, and nothing but the thesis. So help me God.

Cycle said...

Hmm, Yamje, I think your Thesis needs to "be backed up" too. For this kind of lovemaking, always "do" it very safely! Save Text!

Yam 飲者 said...