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Monday, 10 March 2008

神探 :: Mad Detective


(dir. Johnnie To 杜琪峰 and Wai Ka Fai 韋家輝, Hong Kong, 2007)

『我睇到人心裡面隻鬼。佢有七隻。』(I can see the ghost inside people. He has 7.)

『如果人人都有隻鬼,你冇,就係你有問題。』(If everyone has a ghost inside, and you don't, then the problem is with you.)

Abnormality = ab-NORM-ality = not the same as the others, not following the crowd.

Treading the border between the natural and the supernatural, and how the two worlds inform / intercept / interrogate / infringe upon each other.

Brilliant creative idea, beautiful directorial execution.

But, alas, the storyline messes up the logic of its own created world. (Yes, I do hold to the notion that every story, no matter how crazily fictitious and imaginary and wild it is, is supposed to have an internal logic of its own.)

So, ultimately, this film is 'dog fart cannot get through' (狗屁不通).

Falls short. What a shame.


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