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Wednesday, 3 November 2004

A Sad Day --- 另一位華裔美國基督徒對布殊連任的感受

Although vote counting is still going on, chances are we are going to get four more years of Bush. This has saddened me profoundly. In fact, I am so depressedthat I had to go out for a drink! (Don't worry, it's just a cup of tea, not alcohol.)
I have never felt so strongly about a presidential election. Anyone familiar with American politicsknows that there have always been fundamental and ideological differences between the 2 major parties, namely the Republican and Democratic parties. Without going into details, I suppose each party gets some ofthe things right. Therefore, in any other election, even if the person I voted for did not win, I was willing to give the other guy a chance to prove that whatever he has to offer the country will do us some good. But, this time is different. For the past four years, this administration has shown itself to be arrogant, deceptive and self-righteous to a point that it blatantly ignores the rest of the world. It is not even whether we win or lose the war in Iraq, it is howthe administration has handled itself.
I understandthat a lot of people (especially my fellow Christians) also voted to express their deep concerns about abortion and same sex marriage. It is good that they care so much about these moral issues in our society. I just hope that they did not just vote to make a stand and then forget about what we have to actually do to contribute to the world to make it a better place to live in.
Four years ago, this country did not know better. Now, we should know better in terms of what Bush can offer. I hope the world does not get the wrong idea that America is backing this Texas cowboy's way of treating the world. After all, it is another tight race. This country is deeply divided. I hope Bush gets the message that he is not appointed by God to run this country and that he should respect this contract that he has with the people of this great land. May God help us all!
(written by a good friend on 3 November 2004, posted with permission of the author, who prefers to stay anonymous)

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