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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Do I look like him?


Time: last night, when there was actually still bright sunlight】

【I was walking pass the small pub right round the corner of my place】

【a guy was standing at the door, obviously NOT drunk】

【he suddenly said something when I was right beside him】

HE: Hey you really look like John Lennon.

ME: 【not sure he was talking to me, continued to walk and passed him】

HE: Yeah, you really do, am serious!

ME: 【finally turned back and smiled at guy】 You're kidding!

HE: Serious. Hey, it's a complement!

ME: ... hahaha ... okay okay ... 【??????????】


hoisue said...

No, you don't look like John.

Yam 飲者 said...

Thank you, Hoisue, I am now relieved. (Afraid that I'll be shot, you know.)